• Is Page Speed Impacting Your Sales


    Page Speed impacts your sales in more an your wallet.

    Page speed time is obviously an important part of any website’s user experience. There are a lot of times when page load times will be sacrificed for design or functionality. The dilemma is visitors to your website pay more attention to  speed than all the bells and whistles we have on our websites.  Another factor, page speed has become a more important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

    This infographic will show you that the slower your page loads, the more money you are leaving on the table.  This could be costing you thousands of sales.

    Page Speed

    Page speed is also important to user experience. Pages with a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time on page. Longer load times have also been shown to negatively affect conversions.Check out this article Page loading times.

    For more information check out this article Create A Bounce Rate You Can Be Proud Of.

    I would love to hear some of the things you are doing or tools you are using to help your page loading times. Leave your comments and suggestion below.


This is interesting !!~ thank you for sharing !!~ Appreciate 


@sandraji great! Page speed can affect your bottom line. a few minor fixes can make all the difference.